Collection: Ottoman Handwoven Fabric

Kutnu is a truly handcrafted product requiring intricate technqiues at each stage of production. The name “Kutnu” is first mentioned in the literature of the 16th century as “Palace Cloth” and was used to make the Sultans’ Kaftans. Over time this breath-taking fabric also came to be used for clothing for the public, but always symbolised elegance, nobility and a reflection of the most chic designs, as it remains to this day. Traditional Kutnu fabric is only produced in Gaziantep located in the South-East of Anatolia in Turkey. Having received special geographical indication in 2015, this unique handwoven silk fabric is made on wooden loops. Although the exact type of loom may have changed over the years, the weaving method has stayed the same for six centuries.

Our Ottoman Touch Kutnu Fabric Collection is an exquisite combination of 600 years of tradition and modern luxury. Bespoke designs and sizes are available to purchase.