Collection: Ikat Cushion

It's one of the oldest known forms of textile decoration, but pinpointing the precise origin of ikat is virtually impossible. What is known is that the term ikat comes from the Malay word mengikat'. This means to tie or to bind and refers to the process by which the pattern is created. Much like tie-dye or batik, ikat uses a resist-dyeing technique, but rather than applying the pattern to cloth, it's created earlier by wrapping bundles of yarn before they're dyed. This is also what gives ikat its signature blurriness as it's very tricky to line up the patterned yarns perfectly on the loom the more precise the pattern, the greater the skill of the weaver.

Our Ottoman Touch Ikat Collection is an exquisite combination of 600 years of tradition and modern luxury. Bespoke designs and sizes are available to purchase.