Ottoman Touch Ltd. is a registered company founded in London, UK in 2020.

The company’s focus on reflection an exquisite combination of Ottoman tradition and modern luxury. Ottoman Touch has a unique experience by offering delicate details of a luxurious life style by uniquely designed decorative products. With the individualized service understanding and state of the art technology, Ottoman Touch fulfils the needs and wishes of its customer flawlessly. Each product is the reflection of uniqueness of Ottoman Empire style.

The company is focused on providing textile and decorative products such as pillows, sofa covers and bed sets, and interior design services which are of Ottoman Empire historical importance and authentic value. Each fabric, texture and motif is inspired from east and west blending nature of Ottoman Empire’s design style. All kind of products are rich, unique, having historic background and hand made.

Main assets of the company are wholesale or retail marketing of historic objects and hand woven textiles for decoration and upholstery such as Kutnu, Catma, Kemha, silk, handmade textile as well as pillows, bedspread, duvet covers, suzani and traditional handmade embroideries made from these authentic textiles.