Rosacea is an extremely common condition affecting over 5% of the US population. Rosacea is characterized by flushing and blushing due to the appearance of veins in sun-exposed areas of the face, often accompanies by pimples, and most commonly by a generalized redness. Rosacea most commonly affects light-skinned people beginning in their late 20 to 30s, although it can appear for the first time earlier or later, depending upon one’s genetic pre-disposition to make facial veins in response to sunlight, and the amount of sun-exposure a person receives throughout their lifetime. The cause of rosacea is sun-exposure in folks who are genetically pre-disposed to develop EXTRA facial veins in response to sunlight. These extra veins fill up more rapidly than normal facial veins, so people with rosacea flush and blush very easily in response to many stimuli such as: hot and cold, exercise, alcohol consumption, hot drinks…basically, LIFE.