We all know that we get freckles from being in the sun. In addition to freckles, larger brown spots, such as solar lentigos, can also come from long-term sun exposure. Before embarking on laser treatment, it is important to have an examination by your dermatologist to ensure that there are no brown spots that require attention. Brown spots often occur on the face, chest, arms and hands. People get lots of freckles on their hands from driving in the car. You will find that if you keep one hand at the top of the wheel that this hand has more freckles than the other. Freckles can be removed in a few treatments using special types of lasers, called Q-Switched lasers. These lasers administer an extremely short energy pulse of light that destroys the superficial pigment in a freckle, while allowing the normal skin pigment to come back. Once treated, the areas of brown spots form a little scale or a scab. This usually resolves in a period of approximately seven to ten days. Note that a sample should be taken from the brown spot by a dermatologist to ensure that it does not need other treatment.